Derml F 全效臉部保濕乳


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Derml F 質感潤滑,能補充肌膚的養份,清爽而不油膩。使用後能長時間為肌膚提供養份。透明質酸能提升肌膚的水分,同時鎖水,避免肌膚因日曬或長期處於冷氣下容易流失大量水分。Derml F含高濃度EGF,能延緩肌膚衰老,令受損的肌膚細胞得以再生,迅速改善膚質。






* 塗上適量的Derml F於臉部(包括眼窩的位置),輕輕按摩,直至完全吸收
* 於乾燥或受損部位可塗上較多的Derml F
*如希望達致最佳效果,請與Derml A, Mc, 及R 同時使用

Derml F has a smooth texture that is nurturing but not greasy. After application, it has a long lasting nourishing effect. Hyaluronate helps to retain water contents in epidermis, preventing water loss from excessive sunlight or in air-conditioned environment. For its anti-aging and rejuvenating effects, Derml F has large amounts of Conc. EGF as its active components and can quickly improve the skin conditions.

Main Ingredients:

Activated Refined Water, Conc. EGF, glycerine, Squalane


• Long lasting nurturing effect to facial skin
• Anti-wrinkle moisturizing effect
• Fragrance free facial cream specifically designed by dermatologist
• Re-vitalize dry and damaged areas
• Suitable to the skin of babies, children and men alike

Effective Date:

within 60 days after opening


For regular nourishing treatment, apply appropriate amount of Derml F on face (including peri-orbital area), gently massage until it is absorbed.
Apply more Derml F for dry and damaged area.
Apply twice daily in the morning and after bath/ before sleep.
For synergistic effects, use Derml Mc and R

重量 0.2 公斤
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Derml F (Facial Hydrating Cream) 全效臉部保濕乳 - LM SKINSHOPDerml F 全效臉部保濕乳