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Enterogermina®優益加 x 13 盒


Enterogermina®優益加特含20億孢子的4株(SIN, O/C, T, N/R) BC益生菌(Bacillus clausii)


  • BC益生菌存活性高,包括~100%抵抗胃酸
  • 特有孢子結構, 令BC益生菌直達腸胃
  • 科學實證BC 益菌能於腸道倍增
  • 獨立及先進水劑支裝,方便隨時隨地服用
  • 適合初生嬰兒服用
  • 意大利製造,品質受嚴格監管
  • 不含糖分,無防腐劑,無色素,無味道,無乳糖,無麩質


  • 平衡腸道微生態及強化腸道免疫力
  • 促進腸道健康及回復腸道微生態


  • 初生嬰兒(1個月大以下)- 每日1-2支
  • 兒童-每日1-2支
  • 成人-每日2-3支
  • 建議相隔3-4小時服用一次
  • 服用前先搖勻
  • 可直接服用或與其他飲料稀釋(水、奶、茶或果汁)
  • 按照醫生指示服用


20億BC益生菌(Bacillus clausii)/ 5毫升



Enterogermina x 13 boxes


Enterogermina® is a probiotic suspension consisting of a four strain (SIN, O/C, T, N/R) spore of 2 Billion  Bacillus clausii.

Enterogermina® characteristics:

Multi-Resistant including heat, ~100% gastric acid

Optimal Delivery with spore format which can transit through gastric barrier

Multiply Above Initial Dosage in the intestine

Individual and advanced Liquid Vial format can consume anytime and anywhere

Suitable for Newborn

Made in Italy, with strict quality control

No sugar, no preservative, no color, no taste, no lactose, no gluten

Clinically proven that Enterogermina® helps:

Restore intestinal flora balance and contribute to positive gut immunity

Address the root cause of digestive troubles and promotes recovery of microflora balance in gut

How to Use Enterogermina®

Infants (<1 month) & Children: 1-2 vials per day

Adults: 2-3 vials per day

Administer at regular intervals of 3-4 hours

Take the content as such or dilute with drinks (e.g. water, milk, tea, juice)

Shake before use. To open the vial, unscrew the top part and remove it.

Please follow HCP advice on consumption


2 billion/ 5 ml, oral suspension

Pack Size

20 vials per box


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Enterogermina® x 13 boxes