Parent company of CALECIM® Professional, CellResearch Corporation, is a biotechnology company that discovered the presence of stem cells in the umbilical cord lining 10 years ago. It has been found that this is the richest source of epithelial and mesenchymal stem cells from a non-embryonic source. CALECIM® Professional draws on its parent company’s patented stem cell knowledge that is currently also being utilized in US FDA clinical trials for wound-healing.There are great synergistic benefits from cord lining stem cell research that can be applied to a clinical skincare range that is accessible to everyone.The active ingredient of CALECIM® Professional is produced in cosmetic-GMP- and ISO-certified laboratories by CellResearchCorp., which owns the patented technology for scientifically derived stem cells from cord-lining tissue.The Anti-Aging Stem Cell Authority:Stem Cell Therapy for Your SkinCALECIM® Professional is a proprietary formula developed from skin regeneration technology. Scientists have discovered how proteins derived from Cord Lining Stem Cells are able to treat symptoms of aging. These proteins direct skin cells to behave in a youthful manner by sending “Youth Messages” that encourage glycoprotein production at multiple layers and restore healthy skin function.All CALECIM® Professional skincare contain extracts of umbilical cord lining, providing skin with:Consolidated Peptides or Gylcoproteins: play important role in intercellular cross-talk; important in the delivery of skin rejuvenating “Youth Messages”Soluble Collagen: provides skin with strength, shape and formAlbumin: maintains skin turgor and fullnessFibronectin: binds to collagen, increasing its strengthHyaluronic Acid: binds to water molecules to plump up skin

CALECIM® Professional的母公司CellResearch Corporation是一家生物技術公司,十年前發現臍帶膜含有大量上皮幹細胞(EpSCs)和間質幹細胞(MSCs)。這是來自非胚胎細胞內的上皮細胞和間質幹細胞。CALECIM® Professional汲取了母公司已獲得專利的幹細胞知識,目前已在美國的FDA臨床試驗中作傷口癒合用途。
CellResearch Corp擁有獲GMP和ISO認證的實驗室,實驗室的專利技術是從臍帶組織中提取幹細胞,而CALECIM® Professional的活性成分亦是從該實驗室研發出來。
CALECIM® Professional是由皮膚再生技術開發的專利配方。科學家發現了來自臍帶幹細胞的蛋白質可以改善衰老症狀。這些蛋白質通過發送“年輕信息”引導皮膚細胞變得年輕,從而製造多層醣蛋白達致恢復健康皮膚的功能。
所有CALECIM® Professional護膚品均包含臍帶的提取物,可為皮膚提供:


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