CALECIM® Professional is not just another skincare line; it is a product of cutting-edge science. The pivotal technology behind this line is the Cord Lining Conditioned Media, a blend of two potent stem cell strains—mesenchymal and epithelial—harvested ethically and harmlessly from the umbilical cord lining. This unique source of stem cells is a discovery of CellResearch Corporation, a global leader in stem cell technology.

Ingredients and Their Benefits

The active ingredients in CALECIM® Professional are the stem cell proteins secreted by the cord lining stem cells. These proteins are a powerhouse for skin health, offering a myriad of benefits:

Potent Mix of Proteins, Growth Factors, and Cytokines: These are the active ingredients that drive the skin’s natural repair and regeneration processes.

Increased Glycoprotein Production: Enhances the production of hyaluronic acid, which is vital for skin hydration and firmness.

Improved Cell Mobility and Epidermal Cell Turnover: Promotes a healthier and more youthful skin appearance.

Fast-Acting Benefits: CALECIM® Professional provides significant and rapid improvements in skin health.

Special Features of CALECIM® Professional

CALECIM® Professional is not just a daily corrective treatment; it is also recommended for use alongside in-clinic procedures to accelerate healing, reduce post-procedure redness and swelling, and optimize aesthetic results. Here are some of its standout features:

Clinically Observed Results: CALECIM® Professional has been clinically observed to produce fast-acting and visible anti-aging results within two weeks of use.

Post-Procedure Recovery: The Professional Serum has been shown to significantly decrease erythema and edema, enhancing post-procedure recovery.

In-Vitro Efficacy: Demonstrated effects of skin renewal and restoration, including increased epidermal proliferation and cell turnover.

Patented Stem Cell Technology: Approved by the Japanese FDA, showcasing the product’s commitment to safety and efficacy.

Product Line and Usage

The CALECIM® Professional product line includes:

Professional Serum: To be applied post-treatment to accelerate skin restoration and reduce downtime.
Restorative Hydration Cream: A moisturizer that replenishes epidermal hydration and boosts the skin’s natural moisture production.
Multi-Action Cream: A pre-moisturizer corrective treatment that activates tissue renewal and targets skin laxity.

CALECIM® 專業版不僅是另一個護膚品牌;它是尖端科學的產物。這個品牌背後的關鍵技術是臍帶內膜條件媒體,這是一種由兩種強力幹細胞品系—間充質和上皮細胞—混合而成的配方,這些細胞是從臍帶內膜中符合道德且無害地提取的。這個獨特的幹細胞來源是由全球幹細胞技術領導者CellResearch Corporation的發現。


CALECIM® 專業版的活性成分是臍帶內膜幹細胞分泌的幹細胞蛋白質。這些蛋白質是皮膚健康的強大動力,提供了多種益處:

– 蛋白質、生長因子和細胞激素的強力混合:這些是驅動皮膚自然修復和再生過程的活性成分。
– 增加的糖蛋白產生:增強了透明質酸的產生,這對皮膚的水分和堅實度至關重要。
– 改善細胞活動性和表皮細胞更新:促進更健康和更年輕的皮膚外觀。
– 快速作用的益處:CALECIM® 專業版為皮膚健康提供了顯著且迅速的改善。

CALECIM® 專業版的特殊特點

CALECIM® 專業版不僅是一種日常的矯正治療;它也被推薦用於與診所程序一起使用,以加速癒合,減少術後紅腫和浮腫,並優化美容效果。以下是它的一些突出特點:

– 臨床觀察結果:CALECIM® 專業版已被臨床觀察在兩周的使用內產生快速和可見的抗衰老效果。
– 術後恢復:專業血清已被證明可以顯著減少紅腫和浮腫,增強術後恢復。
– 体外功效:展示了皮膚更新和恢復的效果,包括增加的表皮增殖和細胞更新。
– 專利幹細胞技術:獲得日本FDA批准,展示了產品對安全和功效的承諾。


CALECIM® 專業版產品線包括:

– Professional Serum嘉麗新幹細胞蛋白精華:用於治療後加速皮膚恢復和減少停工期。
– Restorative Hydration Cream嘉麗新幹細胞蛋白保濕霜:一種補充表皮水分並增強皮膚自身水分產生的保濕霜。
– Multi-Action Cream 嘉麗新幹細胞蛋白多效乳霜:一種預保濕的矯正治療,激活組織更新並針對皮膚鬆弛。

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